Quantifying knowledge

Empowering platforms to overcome information overload and engage users in exciting new ways


CRUX technology shows users in real-time how much they’ve covered, and which article they should read next

Users get rewarded for their focus and progress and make informed reading decisions allowing them to successfully navigate the information landscape around any topic.
Quantifying knowledge gives content platforms and publishers user engagement superpowers. A new numbers-based language to trigger and inform user interactions and communications, and optimise user engagement.


Our technology measures and shows users their level of knowledge and directs them to the content that would best increase it.


Knowledge quantification helps users in the face of information overload and allows them to achieve meaningful knowledge build up around any topic.


The experience creates a positive feedback loop around consuming knowledge-rich content, sharply increasing engagement on digital content platforms.

CRUX increases retention, conversion and revenue by empowering and engaging users

Measuring and guiding users knowledge build up transforms topic research and monitoring into achievable, enjoyable and efficient tasks.  
We use cutting edge Natural Language Processing to assess topic coverage and calculate users’ knowledge levels. Individual content items are ranked and scored based on their relative importance within a topic and the amount of new insights they offer the user.
CRUX is an API service powering quantified knowledge experiences by delivering users’ knowledge scores and quantified content recommendations.


Quantified knowledge use cases

Engage, inform, excite and better retain your users by harnessing our superpowers around key content consumption user flows:


Topic progress tracker with personalised quantified recommendations to increase topic knowledge.



Quantified results engine allowing users to actually ‘get through’ the entire results set.



User get alerts only when their knowledge is impacted.

Crux_UseCase_Alerts Copy.png


Users track their topics and progress for deep and engaging insight.


CRUX Superpowers

Users get smart about any topic, fast.

Complete personalization and infinite diversity

Seamless curation of the best content

Endless data visualization options

"The CRUX Knowledge GPS transforms information overload from a liability to an asset"

Barak Ronen. Founder & CEO


The team



Innovation, Publishing, Partnerships. Led search visualization for Dow Jones, Commercial Policy/BD for Reuters.



Search, Algorithms, Machine Learning. Led product and software R&D projects for Mercado (now Adobe) and LookAt


Chief Revenue Officer

Managing Director at the Reuters News Agency. Senior commercial roles in VC-backed startups for the past eight years.


Full stack developer

Math, Computer Science, Linguistics. Formerly Web Team Lead at Matific and Senior Mobile Engineer at PayPal.


Full stack developer

Thought leader on Ruby. Formerly founder/CTO at yes.no a funded social Q&A social network, and first engineer on Fiverr’s innovation team.


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